How to Make and Sell Stickers: Complete Guide

Sell Stickers
Sell Stickers

The stickers are great. You can use them to decorate anything. Put them on your laptop, car, refrigerator, backpack – whatever interest you want. Aside from personal use, learning how to make and sell stickers online can be beneficial for business because there will always be customers for your products.

Create your stickers

First, think about what kind of stickers you want to sell. With so many sticker shops out there, you want to decide on a unique aesthetic to stand out in the market. Consider your hobbies, favorite art style, costs that represent your personality, and your community for custom logo stickers ideas.

What kind of stickers can I make?

When it comes to self-adhesive printing, you can choose from a variety of cuts and finishes. Deciding on these things early will help you streamline the process.

There are two main ways to cut stickers: kiss cut and die cut.

Kiss-cut stickers are made by cutting the top sticker layer while keeping the paper backing. When the sticker is removed, the border and backing are left behind. You can use this cutting technique to make stickers that contain different designs.

Die cutting is cutting the sticker material and backing material into an equal shape. It can be as easy as a square or circle, or as complex as the eight limbs of an octopus.

How do I make stickers to sell?

There are several ways you can create your custom stickers. Some take a DIY approach, the place they design, cut, and print stickers at home. Others decide to use expert printers to make stickers.

Print stickers at home with Cricut

To make your stickers at home, you want the proper equipment. Cricut machines are similar to primers, with blades successful in cutting unique designs from various materials such as paper.

In addition to your Cricut, you may need to use stickers available from online retailers, office supply stores, and craft stores. Double test that the paper you get is suitable for your printer type (laser or inkjet).

How to make stickers at home?

To make stickers at home, insert your designs into a color printer and print them onto sticker paper. When done, cut out the person’s shapes via hand or the use of a cutter such as a Silhouette or Cricut.

How to make vinyl stickers?

You can without problems make your vinyl stickers by printing your designs onto vinyl sticker paper. Self-adhesive vinyl for making stickers at home can be purchased online, at office supply stores, or in craft stores. Alternatively, you can get custom vinyl stickers through a printing service.

How to print stickers?

To print stickers, you may want to buy them online or at a craft store. Make certain the sticker you choose is suitable for your printer type, whether laser or inkjet


Finally, stickers take your brand beyond your immediate geographic area. Visibility on cars or backpacks, laptops, and water bottles spreads your company to an infinite audience that may not be accessible. I recommend buying custom logo stickers from an online shop if you need them.


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