Tips to Improve poetry writing skills

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Poetry is a really special kind of writing. It can often be more intimate and descriptive than other forms of literature and, despite the fact that people physically write it down, it’s usually read silently in one’s head. Many people put a lot of time and effort into their poetry efforts, which is why this article has come about; to help you with your own efforts! In this blog post I am going to mention some tips on how to improve your poetry writing skills & sell online courses at different platforms. As I was preparing for my upcoming poetry contest with Writers’ Cramp Project, I went back through all the past work by participants who had gone on to win the contest. One thing I noticed is that there would be an initial flurry of work submitted – but after a while, people would stop trying. Sometimes they’d write only one or two poems and then stop. 

What happened? If you have ever wondered why this is you need to realize what I realized: 

Writing poetry is a skill. It takes practice and time to perfect. If you don’t put in any effort you will never become good at it! None of us are born with the natural talent that Mozart had for writing music, or that Picasso had for painting, or that Eileen Myles has for writing poetry. No, we have to work at it, practice, and study what works so that we can become better than we were before. So here are some different tips on how to improve your poetry writing skills:

1) Write Every Day

The most important thing you can do is just write every day. That’s all there is to it! Write something every day. Even if you don’t like what you’re writing. Even if you have a short attention span. Even if you crack a joke and laugh at yourself for writing that joke. Write an everyday poem or just write an everyday prose idea or even every single letter in your name or every number in your phone number. Just write! I do this myself.

2) Write About What You Know

Have you ever gone to a party and made small talk with someone you didn’t know? It’s boring! What’s more interesting than talking to people that you know well and can get a sense of their personality or lifestyle? I think what is fascinating about poetry is that it is like a window into your inner world – it can put your thoughts and life experiences on display for the world to see. Poetry helps us discover who we are and where we have been.

3) Pick a Subject and Theme

Sometimes, you can’t help but write a poem that ends up being about something you don’t know much about or care much about. However, the courses online only way to get better is to challenge yourself to write poetry that is more difficult for you. That means picking subjects and themes that are hard for you! The great thing about poetry is that it allows you to go all over the place with your thoughts. Most people have a preconceived notion of what poetry is and isn’t.

4) Use Imagery Effectively

The thing about poetry writing is that it is highly visual even though you are thinking in your head. This means that you need to use rich and vivid imagery effectively. Sometimes using imagery can be a little tricky, but not as hard as you might think! Take some time and think about what kind of imagery would work well with your poem. 

5) Study the Past Winners

If you want to get a sense of what the judges are looking for in poetry writing, take a look at the past winning poems and study them. Try to identify the things that the judges of poetry competitions are looking for in their winners. You can also request to see a list of all past winners and read their work as well! 

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