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Ak-chins are a type of food that is a staple in Asian cuisine. The concept is that you take your rice, miso soup, or whatever you are eating and throw it in the microwave to make an Ak-chin. The rice or miso comes out of the rice cooker, and the heat of the microwave is supposed to make a small portion of the rice turn into a fluffy kawaii-style rice noodle.

The theory behind the style of food is that it’s easier to eat a bowl of rice than a bowl of noodles, so instead of trying to eat noodles or a bowl of soup, you just eat a bowl of rice. It’s also less messy and more palatable for people, so even if you’re trying to eat a bowl of noodles or a bowl of soup, you’ll be able to eat a bowl of rice without anyone noticing.

I think the microwave method of cooking rice is far from being the only way to make rice. Some people also cook it in a sautee pan or a wok. The problem is that when you cook rice in a microwave, you need to use a rice cooker. When you eat rice with a microwave, you usually add oil, or a little bit of oil and some lemon, to help keep the rice from sticking to your teeth.

So yeah, rice is a big no-no when you have rice in your mouth, but it is totally okay when you don’t. Rice is also quite good for you when you just take a spoonful after a big meal.

I got mine at the local convenience store, but if you want to make it at home, you can boil it in a pot with a little oil, and add a little water once it is steamed. I like to add a little bit of soy sauce for the soy sauce flavor, and sprinkle some brown sugar on the top. Soak the rice in all this for about 10 minutes, and the rice will turn a deep purple.

Now you have your rice and a spoon. Let’s see what you can do with it.

You can add the rice to your favorite noodle soup. I love this kind of rice noodle soup. It’s like a spicy, slightly sweet version of lasagna, but with rice noodles. It’s also very filling.

Adding a little bit of the sauce and the brown sugar on the top is perfect, but it is also a good idea to let the rice cook a bit longer (about 10 minutes). That way the rice will get nice and fluffy and the sauce and the brown sugar will get caramelized.

That’s it! There’s all the ingredients. Now for the fun part. I thought I would share a couple of good video examples of the power of a recipe. The first one is called “rice and noodle soup with brown sugar and cinnamon”. The video was shot during a cooking show that I took part in (don’t worry I won’t give away the recipe). The second video is just a simple video about the power of a recipe.

The first recipe is by an akiwama. Thats a traditional Japanese cook. It is a sort of soup that’s made from rice, vegetables, and meat. It’s so simple that it seems to be a “recipe” in itself. It also has the added benefit of being so rich it’s almost like you just made a full meal. The second recipe is by a chef from a sushi restaurant in Japan.


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